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Moving Day® Milwaukee
of Goal
$52,706 Raised

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Hart Park, Chestnut Street Commons, Wauwatosa, WI


Number of Teams: 28  Event Details


To benefit the Parkinson's Foundation 



Moving Day® News

Congrats Milwaukee on meeting and exceeding the inaugural fundraising goal of $50,000!

On Saturday, June 10th, a beautiful warm, summer day, over 300 people and 28 fundraising teams, consisting of people living with Parkinson’s disease (PD), their families, friends, healthcare professionals, corporate leaders, corporate teams from Milwaukee and surrounding areas participated in the 1st annual MOVING DAY® Milwaukee walk event at Hart Park in Wauwatosa.  


MOVING DAY® is the National Parkinson Foundation’s (NPF) annual fundraising event that unites families, friends and communities, both large and small, in the fight against PD. The national grassroots events demonstrate and celebrate the positive impact movement can play in slowing the progression of PD and its debilitating symptoms. 


There are approximately one million people in the U.S. who are living with PD. Each year, 60,000 new cases of PD are diagnosed with a growing number of those cases affecting people under 40 years of age.  Currently, there is no cure for this devastating, neurodegenerative disease, which robs people of their motor functions, including speech. The mission of NPF is to make life better for people with Parkinson’s through expert care and research.


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It will be 'A day to move, a day to move others, a day that moves YOU!'

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  1 -  Top Mover! - Bronze Level Personal Gift Ann Kopf ($1,990.00)
  2 -  Top Mover! - Bronze Level Personal Gift Mark Wehner ($1,591.00)
  3 -  Top Mover! - Bronze Level Personal Gift Genevieve Hughes ($1,070.00)
  4 -  Top Mover! - Bronze Level Personal Gift John Dundon ($1,005.00)
  5 -  Top Mover! - Bronze Level Personal Gift Ross and Janice Miller ($1,000.00)

  1 -  Team on the Move! - $2,500 Level R we there yet!? ($3,175.00)
  2 -  Team on the Move! - $2,500 Level Sheboygan County Parkinson's Exercise Group ($3,101.00)
  3 -  Team on the Move! - $2,500 Level THE PARKINSON'S DANCE CLASS Wisconsin ($2,775.00)
  4 -  Team on the Move! - $2,500 Level T.R.A.P. Pack ($2,750.00)
  5 -  Team on the Move! - $1,000 Level John and Gordie low on dope ($1,930.00)


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